Terms and Conditions

Clients agreement 

Please read these Terms carefully. They set out the basis upon which you will be provided with assessment and treatment at the clinic. Terms may change time to time so it is important to take notice, but warning will always be given if this is the case.

*By booking an appointment you are agreeing to terms and conditions*

Session times and location

  • session dates and times will be arranged between the therapist and patient. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before a booked session will be invoiced 50%.
  • Location of session will be in clinic unless agreed otherwise.


The patient agrees to attend each session fully prepared, having completed any tasks or rehabilitation ready to participate in the session.

Confidentiality and privacy

The confidentiality of the patient information will be respected except where authorised by the patient or as required by law.


Please check with the clinic before booking an appointment that invoice/receipt will suffice for insurnace claims. Each insurance company is different and therefore it is important to check.


If patient chooses to not to take the advice of the therapist and is negatively impacted by this decision, this is the fault of the patient not the therapist. If the patient has questions regarding rehab/advice/info given, please do reach out to discuss the query to avoid any confusion.


You can only use one form of discount at once (eg. block discount or loyalty card). Block payments need to be used within 18 months of initial payment.

If you have any queries or concerns please email: katy@bouncingbackinjuryclinic.co.uk

You Matter Podcast

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the You Matter Podcast a couple of weeks ago – discussing why owning up to our own failures in healthcare is so important for the sake of our patients. We have to acknowledge that mistakes happen, but how we react to them and learn from them is where we benefit our patients the most. Have a listen if you have the time!

The You Matter Podcast focuses on looking after yourself as a Health Care professionals. The Physio Matters podcast also runs a ‘patient matters’ for a similar conversations, I would highly recommend.

All rights of the podcast belong to the Physio Matters Team.