You Matter Podcast

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the You Matter Podcast a couple of weeks ago – discussing why owning up to our own failures in healthcare is so important for the sake of our patients. We have to acknowledge that mistakes happen, but how we react to them and learn from them is where we benefit our patients the most. Have a listen if you have the time!

The You Matter Podcast focuses on looking after yourself as a Health Care professionals. The Physio Matters podcast also runs a ‘patient matters’ for a similar conversations, I would highly recommend.—Embracing-Failure—The-Sequel-with-Felicity-Thow–Martin-Christensen–Katy-Stephens-e1gtofr?fbclid=IwAR37UJxQ44qB1BiqEaJuN-odocOCiXz3e0Lp3gE-Cs7q4LsPyTH4I_eFaFA
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